Maria Francesca GIGLIOTTI

Action, Vision & Learning Team (AVA)

Phd Student // Psychologist specialised in Neuropsychology

Under the supervision of Pr. Angela BARTOLO and the collaboration of Pr.Yann COELLO


Research interests

Influence of social and motor intentions on the kinematics of object-directed actions 

Cerebral correlates of social and motor intentions perception


Peripersonal space representation in social context 

Peripersonal space representation in relation to action execution and action's rewards





Gigliotti, M.F., Coelho, P.S., Coutinho, J., Coello, Y. (2019). Peripersonal space in social context is modulated by action reward, but differently in males and females. Psychological Research, 1-14.

Coello, Y., Quesque, F., Gigliotti, M.F., Ott, L., & Bruyelle, J.L. (2018). Idiosyncratic representation of peripersonal space depends on the success of one's own motor actions, but also the successful actions of others! PLOS ONE 13(5): e0196874.


Oral Communications

Gigliotti, M.F & Baillard, A. (2018, October). Diagnostic et prise en charge de la cécité corticale : illustration de stratégies de rééducation inspirées des méthodes et des données de la recherche, élaborées spécifiquement pour les cas des patients BE et LJ. Congrès National de Neuropsychologie Clinique, 3ème édition. Amiens, France

Coello, Y., Gigliotti, M.F., Quesque, F. & Coelho, P. (2018, September). The social dimension of peripersonal space.  Symposium "The nature of the space around the body: A comparison of real and virtual environments". ICSC, Rome, Italy.

Gigliotti, M.F., Quesque, F., Ott, L., Bruyelle, J.L., & Coello, Y. (2017, December). Influence de nos actions dans l’environnement et du contexte social sur la perception de l’espace péri-personnel. XIIe Journée Scientifique des Jeunes Chercheurs en Psychologie, Lille, France.

Coello, Y., Quesque, F., Gigliotti, M.F., & Shemakova, E. (2017, September). Effect of the positive-negative consequences of motor actions and the social context on the representation of peripersonal space. ESCOP, Potsdam, Germany.


Poster Sessions 

Gigliotti M. F., Coelho P. S., Coutinho J., Coello Y. (2019, March) The Social Dimension of Peripersonal Space: action’s reward and Gender effect on action space exploration and peripersonal space representation. ICPS, Paris, France.

Gigliotti, M.F., Coelho, P., Coutinho J.,& Coello, Y. (2018, September). Perceiving and acting in a common and shared space: a systematic exploration of the social dimension of peri-personal space. ICSC, Rome, Italy.

Gigliotti, M.F., Quesque, F., Shemakova, E., & Coello, Y. (2017, October). Effect of the positive-negative consequences of motor actions and the social context on the representation of peripersonal space. GDR Vision, Lille, France.

Coello Y., Quesque F., Gigliotti M.F., Shemakova E., Ott L., & Bruyelle J-L. (2017, August). Consequences of motor actions and social context determine the representation of peripersonal space. ECVP, Berlin, Germany.


 Oral presentations during workshops 

Gigliotti, M.F. (November 2019). Representation and exploration of peripersonal space as a function of action's reward and social context. Cross-Border Vision of the Links Between Action and Cognition in Psychology. Workshop organised by Michael ANDRES (Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve) and Solène KALENINE (University of Lille). Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium. 



  • L'analise cinématique // Kinematic analysis  (2nd year Master degree in Psychology, 3h)
  • Contrôle Moteur (Psychologie cognitive) // Motor Control (Cognitive Psychology) (3rd year Bachelor degree in Psychology, 8h)
  • Action et Vision (Psychologie cognitive) // Action and Vision (Cognitive Psychology) (3rd year Bachelor degree in Psychology, 6h)
  • L'attention: définitions, modèles théoriques et applications (Psychologie Cognitive) //  Attention: definitions, theorerical models and applications (Cognitive Psychology) (3rd year Bachelor degree in Psychology, 16h)
  • Projet de l'étudiant: séminaire de recherche et de stage // Student's project: research and internship seminar (3rd year Bachelor degree in Psychology, 4h)
  • Psychologie du Dévéloppement // Developmental psychology (1st year Bachelor degree in Psychology, 36h)
  • Méthodologie disciplinaire // Disciplinary methodology (1st year Bachelor degree in Psychology, 36h)




Co-representative of PHD Students, SCALab (2020-2021)

Co-organiser of the 4th meeting Practitioners-Researchers in Neuropsychology (2018, 16th March), Tourcoing, France

Member of the Bureau of the association PPNSA-Alumni (since 2018)


Grants (Financement)

PhD project funded by Conseil Régional Hauts de France & University of Lille (2018-2021)

International Research Mobility Grant frim I-Site Ulne (2020), financing a neuroimaging research project realised under the supervision of Pr. Adriana SAMPAIO (Neuropsychophysiology Lab, University of Minho), Pr. Angela BARTOLO (SCALab, University of Lille) and Pr. Yann COELLO (SCALab, University of Lille) 




Maria Francesca GIGLIOTTI
Laboratoire SCALab UMR CNRS 9193
Université de Lille 
Domaine universitaire du Pont de Bois
BP 149
59653 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex

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